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Refreshed and Refocused

January 12, 2022

Refreshed and Refocused

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”   

As mid-January approaches, I find myself feeling refreshed, refocused, and looking ahead to all the exciting possibilities that 2022 will bring.

Without question, the past two years have been incredibly challenging, however, it has also allowed many of us time for introspection. It is with intense gratitude I look back and give thanks for those moments of self-reflection. Limitations, lockdowns, and restrictions afforded me the time to reexamine and reinvent the gallery model at Akasha Art Projects. Seeking a way to continue to offer inspiring visual creations by way of a new vehicle, the concept of Akasha Art Editions (AAE) was founded.

A good many of us found ourselves working from home and experiencing a new way of existing in our living spaces. The sanctuary of our home became a way to escape the chaos presented by the pandemic, spawning a renewed appreciation of our home environments. The inclination to beautify our spaces, surround ourselves with more visual art to create serenity in these turbulent times was apparent.

As my awareness of the need to make art buying more accessible during these times grew, my concept was simple, to offer curated limited edition prints from an array of talented artists whose aesthetic was both minimalist and contemporary. Melding art and design, coupled with my desire to make art buying easier and more accessible have become my mission. Since the launch last March, there have been numerous connections and exciting opportunities as AAE has taken up residence at Hopson Grace and is hosting a revolving art program in their loft space otherwise known as HG home. Our roster of artists has grown as well with the introduction of artist Kate Maura this past November.

Looking ahead I’m excited to launch another new artist over the next few weeks and am amid planning for more collaborations later this year. Starting the new year by setting intentions leaves me feeling optimistic and grounded during these times of continued uncertainty. My desire is to make AAE a “beautiful destination” for an audience who is seeking to enhance their art collection and surroundings with a selection from my exclusive, highly curated collection. I’m delighted to share this ever-expanding body of art with you, I am honoured and proud of each artist’s creative vision and passion they have allowed me to make available on my site. 

It is my pleasure to invite you to join me on this journey as I continue to build an art and design-based community with “artwork that makes a statement”.


With gratitude,