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The Art of Getting Things Done

September 06, 2021

Since many of us spend most of our time at work, our workplaces can become kind of like a second home. Whether you work from a home office or elsewhere, making your workspace feel more like home can make it a more enjoyable place to be. Many workplaces invest in some form of art to enhance the overall aesthetic of their environment. However, displaying art can have many benefits beyond simply beautifying the space. In fact, showing art has been found to enhance creativity, productivity and create an overall sense of calm in the workplace. But not just any artit’s most effective when it compliments your overall design aesthetic and when your team has input in choosing the art.

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The Healing Power of Art

August 16, 2021

During the past year and a half, being surrounded by beauty and making art has been more important than ever for our collective well-being. Art has incredible healing powers for our mind and body, and it’s no wonder so many people have found solace in art during the pandemic.

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My Curatorial Approach

July 30, 2021

For this collection, I feature five works from each artist that reflect a sense of cohesiveness, allowing these five pieces to be enjoyed individually or as a whole body of work to share throughout any interior. The works range from playful to luxurious to abstract and reflect statements specific to interior design styles from Mid Century Modern to Minimalist to Zen and beyond.

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