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Courtlandt Swartz

Courtlandt Swartz, a Toronto-based artist born in 1993, is renowned for his innovative work in sculptural and painted mediums. Swartz, an Ontario College of Art and Design University graduate has been shaping the art world since 2013 with his unique approach to creating depth and dimension. His signature technique involves suspending paint within hand-cast acrylic glass, creating pieces that change as the viewer's perspective shifts.

By 2017, Swartz advanced his exploration into large-scale paintings using back-painted tinted Plexiglas. These works blend abstract linear forms, drawing inspiration from his earlier sculptures and challenging the boundaries between two and three-dimensional art. Swartz's creations are not just visual experiences but journeys that invite deep viewer engagement and challenge perceptions of space and form. are delighted

We are delighted to offer Courtland's beautiful work as limited limited-edition prints.